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Sea Freight Import / Export
Air Freight Import / Export
Customs Clearance

Local Transport and more..

A Little About Us

Between us we have over 40 years experience in sales, operational and managerial positions across the transportation industry. Coupled with knowledge in the airline, ocean carrier, express courier and customs brokers fields in both retail and wholesale freight.

As well as over 10 years involvement in buying and importing product from China, Taiwan, Philippines and the United States with an average of 10 - 15 containers per year. We know the real cost of freight.

With this combined experience we know the pitfalls most first time and seasoned importers face.

We are happy to discuss your freight requirements, starting with your terms of sale all the way through to delivery to your door. Each aspect is different and is processed in stages, passing through multiple hands. We monitor these processes and only use people we trust, people who think like us.


Air Freight Import / Export

Sea Freight Import / Export

Local Transport
Customs Clearance and more..

Our team mission

To develop & maintain a small portfolio of strong progressive, Brisbane based clients.
We are a proud Brisbane business and hope to work alongside other proud Brisbane businesses for mutual benefit.

Why a small client base?

Our experience over the years of seeing freight forwarders take on as many accounts as they can, only to burn them, and move onto the next. Unfortunately it is common practice.

For us, what is more important is to give 100% focus to existing clients while offering our expertise to expand, diversify or look at alternative systems. We aim to allow you to streamline your shipping needs and free up valuable time to increase profits.

Why Brisbane Based Clients?

Most freight forwarding companies promote their ability to handle clients based anywhere in Australia, some even worldwide. We also have this ability but feel that focusing on the area you are located does yield great benefits.

Some of these benefits include the ability to visit clients for face to face meetings, intimate knowledge of the local sea port / airport and its workings as well as strong relationships with local transport companies.


Some Of Our Previous Work:

Sea Freight
UK to Brisbane - Industrial Equipment
China to Brisbane - Timber Saunas
Brisbane to Pacific Islands - Solar Products
Brisbane to Middle East - Automotive Parts
Air Freight
Brisbane to Malaysia - Dangerous Goods
Brisbane to Dubai - Automotive Parts
China to Brisbane - Fashion Products
Brisbane to Pacific Islands - Home Appliances